The Myth Of Zero Trans-fat Cookies


Most of the people taking diet food are unaware of the fact that trans fat that they include in their diet can cause heart disease. It also raises the bad cholesterol and lowers the good one. It can also build type two diabetes. So it is very unhealthy. OK now, what about that cookie that we take with zero trans fats in them. Do they really have zero trans fats?

What does trans fat mean?

Hydrogenation is a process which makes transfat. This process applies addition of hydrogen to vegetable oil. It makes fats solid at our room temperature. Moreover, it also improves the texture of our foods increasing its shelf life. It is a form of unsaturated fat According to US food and drug association these somewhat hydrogenated vegetable oils are responsible for trans fat in the United States. Below is the list of things containing trans fat:

1) Cookies

2) Doughnuts

3) Pastries

4) Pizzas frozen

5) Crackers

6) Biscuits

7) Margarines

8) Cakes

9) Meat

10) Dairy products

Are zero trans fat cookies in reality free from trans fat?

Often you go to the grocery and search for products with zero trans fats. But are you sure they are actually without trans fat or not. FDA reveals a shocking fact which says that these things can be labeled as zero trans fats until the food that we take has lesser than one gram of this trans fat in each serving. Now if you start eating more of such food with little transfat the total intake of your trans fat might rise So FDA advises you to see if partially hydrogenated oil is present in your product because it is mainly responsible for US transfat. So from now onwards you need to be really careful in choosing as to which products are really trans fat-free. Certain cookies in the past have raised the propaganda of being trans fat-free but failed to prove themselves true in their motive.

Reasons of trans fat present in our foods

So the question arises as to why are trans fat still present in our food stock supplies.? Although FDA has been active in this context lowering the trans fat quantity in our foods. They also imply to label the quantity of trans fat in the respective food products.

There is another improvement noticed by Harvard Health Publication that certain local governments have refrained and completely banned usage of trans fats in their restaurants. Resultantly trans fats are vanishing from manufactured products. However, it is important to note here that although various steps have been taken to cut down trans fats from manufactured products they cannot be completely gone since they are naturally present in some oils, meat and dairy foods though in small quantity.


After acknowledging the harmful effects if trans fat tip needs to cut down or limit the use of products containing trans fats. Recently studies have been done on trans fats. It is easy for us to cut down the use if products such as cakes, pastries or doughnuts containing trans fats. Similarly, we can alternate the usage of certain products with trans fats in them with the ones not containing them.